QDOSE+ provides reliable estimates of radiation absorbed dose to organs and tissues from medically administered radiopharmaceuticals, including total-body effective dose. Absorbed dose calculations are based on clinical measurements of radioactivity biodistributions and biokinetics. QDOSE+ is intended for applications in clinical nuclear medicine, molecular radiotherapy, radiation safety evaluations, risk assessment, record-keeping, and regulatory compliance.

QDOSE+ is intended for use by professionals (medical physicists, radiologists and oncologists including nuclear medicine physicians), radiologic imaging technologists, health physicists and radiation safety officers and administrators, students in training, and others having interest in ability to calculate internal radiation doses from medically administered radiopharmaceuticals.

USFDA approved in 2023.


Safety or efficacy dosimetry? QDOSE+ is an advanced, molecular imaging dosimetry software. QDOSE+ is a versatile, stand-alone, and lightweight tool with functionalities and workflows needed to perform comprehensive internal radiation dose assessments — together with unprecedented workflow support and consistency checking. In addition, QDOSE+ features fully automated organ segmentation, single time-point dosimetry, and one-click hybrid dosimetry capabilities, supported by algorithms for fast data processing and an extensive radionuclide database. Integrated with IDAC-DOSE2.1, QDOSE+ provides reliable estimates of organ absorbed dose and effective dose for clinical applications in nuclear medicine and molecular radiotherapy.

Multi-purpose Molecular Imaging Dosimetry Software:
The compete one stop dosimetry software for all needs

In collaboration with Versant Medical Physics and Radiation Safety, Kalmazoo, Michigan, USA

Advanced Molecular Planar image dosimetry with IDAC-dose


Multiple time points of conjugate view imaging for basic dosimetry (2D)
Featuring quantitative methodology according to MIRD pamphlet No. 16 (Siegel et al., 1999)

Advanced Molecular Imaging Hybrid dosimetry


Multiple time points of conjugate view imaging plus one quantitative SPECT/CT imaging time point for improved quantification

Advanced Molecular volumetric dosimetry with dose volume histograms


Multiple time points or one single time point of quantitative SPECT/CT or PET/CT imaging

Advanced Molecular SIRT MAA/Y90 dosimetry


For microsphere Selective Internal Radiation Therapy dosimetry (SIRT) based on SPECT/CT treatment planning or single time-point 90Y PET/CT post-implant

stand-alone advanced universal dosimetry software

All steps in one single software

Packed with advanced functionality, QDOSE+ provides a complete one-stop solution for all internal dosimetry needs.

QDOSE+ integrates all dosimetry steps from image data import and processing to analysis and reporting. QDOSE+ features a comprehensive range of workflows, running in parallel, including planar (2D), hybrid (2.5D), and volumetric (3D) dosimetry as well as a dedicated SIRT dosimetry module in one package.

Automated organ segamentation

Fully automated AI-based organ segmentation on CT images in less than a minute without the need for any dedicated hardware.

Organs displayed are autosegmented using builtin QDSOE+ AI-segmentation algorithm. Ca 20s per organ using a standard laptop (i7) using CPU only.

Originally developed by ABX-CRO, QDOSE emerged as a pivotal creation in pursuit of an advanced molecular imaging dosimetry software; validated, adaptable, and robust dosimetry software tailored for clinical trials. Since its inception, QDOSE has been MDD & MDR certified, a testament to its quality and compliance since 2017. QDOSE+, is the progressive evolution and enriched iteration of its predecessor, embracing enhanced features and capabilities.

Automatic non-rigid coregistration Powerful curvefitting

Some of the unique features:


Medical Physicist Felix Teske* says: “When I use QDOSE, I can interrupt and save the status of my ongoing dose calculation and come back to it later without losing my reorientation or VOI data. I can also reload, change and edit or continue my previous work, e.g. redraw an organ VOIs without the need to repeat any of the previous steps of my work as more data of further imaging time-points come in during the course of the therapy.

Medical Physics Expert Ulrike Bechler* adds: Moreover, I can actively involve my expertise in the fitting of the time-activity data to optimally reflect the kinetic behavior of the therapeutic agent and, thus, make the calculation of the absorbed dose in organs at risk and in the target regions/lesions more certain, realistic and personalized for the patient”

Import your CT, MR, PET, and SPECT images in one click. Use MR for segmentation and perform your desired work following an intuitive wizard. Correct your mistakes retrospectively without fear of cumbersome total redo…

… or start the automated dosimetry and grab a cup of coffee until QDOSE+ completes its tasks.

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